The Integral Approach

This Integral Approach is built around a four quadrant model that is designed to help leaders combine their strategic view with the immediacy of achieving high performance , where and when it matters.

The Integral approach to leadership is constructed into two distinct quadrants.

  • Quadrant One Inner Leadership – IAM
  • Quadrant Two Outer Impact – IDO

We lead with Inner Leadership (Q1), because who you are, your values, beliefs and sense of self inform everything you do including your, communications, attitude and approach.

Also, it is on the inner realm that you will find the real answers to complex problems and issues.

However, each of us is measured and valued by what we do. This includes our leadership behaviours,  the impact, influence and leadership we bring to the table (Q2).

High performing teams (Q3) are critical hubs and developing them to deliver beyond the “silo” is still one of the biggest challenges facing many companies. Our Integral approach means we account intensely for culture (Q4). There is a considerable unifying force that is locked into into the customs and morays and informal rituals.

The Quadrants