"Victor is an inspiring and highly effective coach. He uses a variety of techniques, sometimes unexpected and occasionally unconventional, to create a variety of perspectives from which to consider things. He is a perceptive, likeable, challenging and insightful man, highly experienced and always drives towards practical and action-oriented plans which leave you feeling motivated and in charge."
Dominic Young, News International

"Victor raised our game as individuals and as a team. He fully understands the invisible forces that shape the energy and attitudes of people. As he is fond of saying getting discretionary effort is the only way of producing high performance – he did that!"
Mike Hedger, CEO KVS

"His Integral Leadership Model helped us to get a much greater sense of ourselves as unique and complex individuals. That understanding lead to some key behaviour changes that produced very positive results in our leadership and team development programmes."
Daniel Cloke, HR Director News International

"Victor helped us move from a group of disperate individuals, sometimes collaborating and sometimes not doing so into a very decent team. I learned a lot about myself and my team and enjoyed the challenging and stimulating experience"
Aleks Habdank, General Manager Chello Media

"Victor’s coaching was a seminal experience. Through the process I became very clear on my personal mission and used the coaching to create a leadership development plan for myself, my team and my family."
Dr Karl Newton, Manager of Programmes LSE