Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) & the Evolution of Business Thinking

Spirit the Vital Spark

Spiritual comes from the Latin word Spiritus, which means, "that which gives life or vitality to a system." 

Looking at the pathway of how leaders and managers have progressed their thinking Spiritual Intelligence or SQ appears to be gaining ground as the next step.

SQ is in the Boardroom

It is a power and a force that up until now has been off the boardroom agenda or at best been latent. However, today it has caught the attention of McKinsy, Coca –Cola, Hewlett Packard, Starbucks, Merck Pharmaceuticals and the Co-operative Bank. 

What are they looking for?

Great leaders have always known about the invisible forces that shape success but it has been hard for them to articulate that as a measureable behaviour. That is why they leapt on the work produced by Daniel Goleman when he came up with Emotional Intelligence as a leadership hot button and provided simple and powerful tools for mastery.

An SQ Strategy

At People Centred Learning we have developed our Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) programme to help executives develop their overall plans and strategies from a wider and deeper perspective. The techniques we train will provide you with a deeper sense of self and in doing so access to calm emotions and mind that you can train to become clear and incisive in the midst of chaos and pressure.

Teams & Groups 2=2+5

In teams we train you to rapidly create the multiplier effect that is available when you move groups to teams. Being able to evoke and direct the energy of individuals with a purposeful plan and the spirit of collaboration develops high performance.

Organisational Culture

Big or small succeeding or failing all companies have a culture or rather are a culture. Often people struggle to explain it but they can tell you the effects of it. By establishing your SQ organisational model you define and shape the values, beliefs and attitudes that create thoughts and drive emotions until they become the guiding principles of high performance.

Why is it emerging now?

Whatever the reason and it could be the chaos of our countries economics, concerns over our planet and the tragedies that are occurring in many countries, the pressure of current business reality or simply the next evolutionary step.

Mega Trend

Trend tracker Patricia Aburdene in her 2005 book Megatrends 2010 said that “spirituality in business is an established trend that is about to morph into a mega trend.”

Integral Element

Whatever the reason for the emergence of SQ has moved from a concept to a conversation to a strategy - because it is the integral element that includes, people, economics, politics... and also the human depth and spark of real participation

Our Mission

Our mission is to make SQ as available as the underpinning business strategy that acts a guidance system that informs, coheres and inspires high performance  

Evolution in Business Consciousness

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