Inner Leadership – Building Resilience to Enable High Performance Under Pressure

We work in a climate of being externally directed through a barrage of external influences and pressures; with the need to work on urgent tasks and being reactive, we often find ourselves working in a survival mode. Dealing with stress and pressure is a key part of our everyday working life but it can impact negatively on performance levels in terms of poor decision making and problem solving, in-effective leadership, lack of creativity and overtime it can effect the wellbeing of employees. 

Our Inner Leadership Resilience Programme helps people access their high performance mental, physical and emotional states on demand during times of stress and pressure. We help people have more impact on their external environment than the external environment has on them.

Whether it is to enable high performance under pressure or as a ‘duty of care’ to employees, this Inner Leadership programme provides people with the conscious control and choice over their inner reality so they can manage pressure more effectively, making better decisions and continuing to inspire people as they respond more effectively to pressurised situations.

The Inner Leadership Resilience training will help you and your colleagues:

  • Transform your physiological response to workplace stress to enable you to quickly re-balance mind, body and emotions so that you can react in your peak performance state.
  • Become less reactive, think clearly and creatively to bolster your decision making process under pressure.
  • Improve health, stamina and well-being; maintain personal balance and avoid stress and burnout in chaotic, changing and challenging environments.
  • Maximise creativity and innovation.
  • Improve morale and engagement.
  • Boost performance and increase mental clarity.

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