The Quadrant - Q3: WE ARE

Tribes, Teams & Groups

Most teams barely get close to deliver what they are capable of:- they fall foul of the six deadly sins.

  1. No personal vision within the team vision
  2. No agreed charter or team rules
  3. Individualism at all cost – killing the multiplying effect
  4. The leader has insufficient skill in team dynamics and process
  5. Total focus on the goal without building the tribal myths and culture

For teams to be successful they need to be near tribal, and it takes tribal leadership or it just won’t happen.

At PCL we train and teach you to you to build a tribal mind-set through a dynamic engagement of developing high performance and increased contribution.

To become a tribal leader you will:-

  1. Develop the Tribal Identity
    Bringing individual ego’s into group mind and emotions.
  2. Direct and Control Performance
    Create relevance and commitment that will unleash and co-ordinate the power of the tribe towards its objectives and goals.
  3. Set Rules and Boundaries
    You will learn how to facilitate team process to organize and adapt specific skills to engage different challenges and goals.
  4. Myth and Culture
    Each individual will go through a dynamic team development experience designed to enable the transformation of group – through team and into tribe.
  5. Team Mind
    You will master the skills of focusing the power of difference in the tribe towards achieving greater innovation , increased contribution and sustainable high performance.
  6. Re-vision and Renewal
    Having developed your tribe you well learn how to sustain a of high performance culture.