* Unleash your potential and live an inspired life

* Achieve your meaningful ambitions

* Connect to your purposeful authentic sense of self

Do you want to live a more fulfilling life that engages your passions, ideas and energy? Does such a possibility include making a difference to yourself and others? Or is a life making do and getting by enough for you?

If you feel the sense of ‘yes’ to the first 2 questions and a firm ‘no’ to the third then…

You need to find your SPARK. You have a spark that burns brightly inside and is waiting to be ignited by your desires, your purpose and what has true meaning to you.

This programme is designed for people who wish to connect to their spark, take a step for themselves and make a personal contribution in this world.

How does it work?

We provide training, mentoring and coaching to help you connect to your SPARK and live a more purposeful, fulfilling and inspired life. As they say it is a journey not a destination, our programme will help you deal with the challenges that lie ahead.

There will be times when your spark is burning brightly, you can't help but feel purposeful, driving forward against whatever the challenge you face, ideas just rush through you down onto paper – you become your own Beethoven! You can make a difference instantly, impacting on others through your meaningful ambition.

At other times it may feel as if that spark has deserted you and self doubt and anxiety creeps in to lower your self esteem and 'knock you off' from your direction and path. Through these challenges we emerge and grow and develop through the purposeful action.

Our 'Ignite Your SPARK' Workshop focuses on two key areas:

  • ·       Building your self understanding and Inner Leadership

- we help you connect with your true sense of self, your authenticity and inner self.

 - creating a broader understanding of what is important to you and what really drives you.

- developing greater Mental Agility and Emotional Health. We show you how to change irrational thought and belief patterns you may have into constructive, empowering thoughts and beliefs and we show you how to build your emotional intelligence, stability and resilience and how to have greater control over your emotional landscape.

 - Build your personal vision and mission, connect up your talents with your passions and the alignment of key aspects of your life with your true sense of self.

- you review the key aspects of your life in work, relationships, hobbies, interests and overall wellbeing to see what will provide greater fulfilment.

- you find that magic spot where your natural talents connect with your personal passions and what is important to you

- you create your Personal Vision and Mission for the next 2 years.

- you connect to your SPARK and what makes you more purposeful and create an action plan to help you build on the momentum and focus from the Workshop.

- we demonstrate how you can develop key qualities to continue your Inner Leadership development and live a more inspired life.