Inner Leadership – Building Resilience to Enable High Performance Under Pressure

We provide an interactive resilience and stress management training programme that gives you the techniques to:-

  • Develop an understanding of what causes stress and its impact on performance
  • Identify when stress is approaching or building up within you and/or your colleagues
  • Develop personal strategies to manage your pressure triggers and the choice of how you react to these triggers
  • Utilise appropriate behaviour patterns to manage your mental, emotional and physical states to deal better with workplace stress and pressure.

We use the latest scientifically validated techniques and technology from a range of leading organisations to demonstrate and bring vividly alive how your thoughts and emotions impact on your mental clarity and performance.  We teach you how you can control your stress response and achieve a more healthy and productive outcome by remaining on the right hand side of the following diagram showing your emotional landscape.

You practice a range of mind/body connection techniques that help condition both heart rate and the cycles of the brain. Our stress management techniques help you harness more of your IQ (cognitive), EQ (emotional) and intuitive (heart led) intelligences.  We use Heart Rate Variability (HRV) as a powerful, objective and non-invasive tool to explore the dynamic interactions between physiological, mental, emotional and behavioural processes.  We use the latest bio-feed back technology so that participants can observe the process and impact on HRV personally.

By the end of this programme you are able to demonstrate improved control over your inner reality (the autonomic nervous system) regardless of the challenges and workplace pressures you are experiencing. You are able to:-

  • Demonstrate control over your limbic and brain activity in order to activate maximum IQ
  • Direct your sensory system to improve focus and performance
  • Increase and decrease your energy field at will
  • Create the inner stability you need to make important decisions and develop complex plans and projects during periods of workplace stress and pressure
  • Increase your leadership impact on others in formal and informal situations.

Inner Leadership will help you and your colleagues reduce the current effects of work pressure and build resiliency to future stress.

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