Inner Leadership Coaching (ILC)

Inner Leadership is the most important aspect of leadership because it informs everything you do. Who you are, your strengths and weaknesses, values and beliefs will all drive your decisions, communications and impact within your environment.

The aim of ILC is about creating balance and choice on the inside so you can increase your influence and impact in the outer world of behaviours and results.

ILC is different from other forms of coaching because the focus and emphasis is entirely upon you and how you do what you do. It is based on six core principles:-

  • You have all the inner resources you need to achieve success
  • Under stress and pressure you can get cut off from those resources
  • With the right practice, reconnection can be made in an instant
  • Each of us is fully accountable for our behaviour, communications and impact
  • There is no failure only- feed-back
  • Life is a gift and sometimes that gift is hard to realise under pressure and stress

To use the coaching process effectively you will have either a problem to solve, a goal to attain or an up-coming activity that you find challenging.

How ILC works

You will agree with your coach a framework of six sessions. Each session with be confidential and any feed-back provided to another party will only be done with your permission. Each session may be discreet to the presenting issue. However, the overall coaching programme is designed to increase your overall capability as a leader and manager.

ILC Coaching will include how to:-

  • Make full use of your internal processes to solve complex problems under pressure
  • Use specific breathing and focusing techniques to control your thoughts and emotions
  • Entrain and align the power of your head and heart thinking to deepen your communications and negotiations
  • Create a strategic plan for your health and resilience
  • Increase your power of impact and influence as a leader and team player

ILC is a pragmatic process focused on achievement, learning and development and a core instrument in building resilience to pressure and stress, and sustaining high performance.

The head sorts for difference, the heart sorts for connection.