Introduction to Inner Leadership

Today, opportunities and risks are confronting managers at an unprecedented pace demanding even more agility and judgment from these key business stakeholders. To be successful and consistently achieve high performance in this environment requires the inner balance of mind and emotions that will inform and drive inspired leadership, commercial agility and physical sustainability. This is the basis of Inner Leadership. 

Inner Leadership is the core to sustaining high performance because it:

  • Enables a higher degree of mastery over your thoughts, emotions and physical performance on demand and under pressure.
  • Provides the resilience and stamina required of the corporate athlete.
  • Creates the inner balance that delivers more effective decision-making, increased creativity and greater personal impact.

We help leaders and high performers have greater self awareness, self management and resilience – we give them the chance to be more internally directed connecting to more of their inner resources and talents, helping them access more of their high performance mental, physical and emotional states. We help people energise and direct their resources on the inside in order to maximise their impact on their external environment.

Inner Leadership is the spark that raises human performance, courage and spirit.  People using Inner Leadership have unreasonably positive beliefs, courage, determination and the practical skills and perseverance to make form out of what they know is intuitively true.

At People Centred Learning we use our Inner Leadership programmes to help people access their whole body intelligence – their cognitive, emotional and intuitive intelligences and their authentic spirit. We demonstrate how control at the inner level informs and energises their attitudes, behaviours and communications and delivers sustainable high performance.

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