Inner Leadership – High Performance 


Inner Leadership: the power is on the inside, the impact is on the outside 

Leadership is not simply a matter of organising money, people, time and things to get somewhere or something. It is an attitude, a way of life, a visceral relationship with all things - problems, challenges, opportunities, failure and success. 

The first person you lead is yourself 

Inner Leadership Performance helps you access your:

  • Peak performance mental, physical and emotional states.
  • Cognitive, intuitive, emotional and spiritual intelligences
The use of mind/body connection techniques are gaining recognition as important personal development techniques for managing stress and generating improved performance. Our Inner Leadership Performance programme helps you to organise and influence your internal states so that you can access the most appropriate state for the challenges you face and resource yourself to maximise your abilities and performance. You literally get to choose the right bio-chemistry that drives clarity of thought, calming of emotions and accelerated neural functioning.
How Inner Leadership works:
This Inner Leadership programme uses a unique combination of mind/body connection techniques to help managers perform to their full potential.  We enable managers to:
  • Access their cognitive, intuitive and emotional intelligences
  • Gain greater mind and body control to inform, adjust and guide their actions
  • Demonstrate a higher degree of mastery over their thought, emotions and physical high performance.

We use techniques, demonstrated by bio-feedback computer software, to show how we can influence our brain waves, adrenalin and stress levels and the resulting impact we can have over our decision making and overall performance and wellbeing as a result of creating greater internal balance.  

We help you gain a greater balance between being externally directed by the corporate environment around you and become more internally directed, enabling you to deliver greater natural creativity, inspiration, influence, energy and passion into your performance.

Studies with many major organizations have revealed that this can enable individuals to maximize their personal balance, physical health, mental and emotional intelligence to deliver significant performance improvements. Extending these benefits to the organisational level can lead to enhanced interpersonal communication and team dynamics, more effective creative and intuitive problem solving, improved planning and decision making and enhanced employee care for customers, colleagues and the organisation as a whole.

We will take you through a step process of Personal Acceleration that will:-

  • Increase your capacity to come up with breakthrough strategies to develop the performance of your teams and your stakeholders
  • Maintain a positive EQ (Emotional Intelligence) under pressure and keep your neurology firing for positive output during interpersonal conflict and complex decision-making situations
  • Develop mastery in controlling and directing your thoughts and intentions in planning and organisational intervention
  • Live and act from positions of authentic self identity, increasing levels of genuine influence, leadership and personal impact
Our Inner Leadership programmes are tailored to the specific needs and situation of the client’s organisation and the programme participants. The exact design and duration of these programmes would be based on a detailed client brief.

Performance coaching and group support is available for deepening and integrating Inner Leadership practises into working habits.