The Unifying Power of Culture

  1. People need something to believe in and a place to belong to

  2. Cultures need a structure to guide and cohere collective thought and energy

  3. No individual can match the power of the group when it becomes united

  4. The enemy fears a unified foe

Why more companies are seriously considering their myths and the stories they are telling in building their culture.

What are the great stories are you telling about the deeds, successes and exploits of your company. What are your Icons? Are they the product, services, ideals or people (take Roddick of Body Shop, Branson at Virgin or Jobs at Apple). What is your version?

1. The primary sense of Myth is to create a sense of awe in your people.

What is your vision? How compelling is it to your people?

2. The second effect cultural development is to develop structure. It is not a hierarchy for its own sake. The company structure needs to be a pragmatic reflection of the goals, targets and mission you are striving to achieve.

3. The third principle of culture building is to engender spirit through a deep sense of commitment towards the company’s values and beliefs.

What are your rituals?

What are your rules for both success and failure?

Do your people believe in the expressed core values?

How do you celebrate, communicate, re-enforce and reward the values and beliefs you want to distill in your people?

4. Psychological development is the final piece in creating a compelling culture. Shaping personal destiny and high performance within an environment that fosters leadership and thrives on discretionary effort.

Company culture like high performance in individuals and teams need to be measured with as much energy and precision as quarterly performance – It is what drives it!