About Victor Marino

Founder: People Centred Learning

In 1982 Victor left the corporate environment he worked in with Xerox and Olivetti to seek out different styles of leadership and new methods of people development.

He investigated different approaches to improving personal and group performance. They included specific mind focusing techniques that accelerate learning, reduce stress and increase emotional stability.

He wanted to find ways of increasing employee motivation, developing leadership potential and channelling the human emotions, energy and vision of teams. Victor studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming, where he is an accredited trainer) in order to help people understand how to increase their effectiveness in decision making, communications and success modelling. He is also accredited in coaching and counselling.

Today Victor has created and developed methods of accelerated learning that include using more of your mind, mastery of your emotions enabling people to access and apply their full capability on demand.

Victor founded People Centred Learning to coach and develop individuals and organisations. His work takes him world wide.

His working vision is in the creation of activities and events where leadership skills meet up with personal character in a way that inspires human dreams and emotions, and organises and delivers business results...

About John Peake

John Peake is Managing Director of HR Profiles, which specialises in the assessment and profiling of individuals for selection and development purposes.

HR Profiles provides a range of services to clients, including provision of assessment and development centres, psychometric assessments using the full suite of Hogan Instruments, competency based interviewing training and management due diligence investigations prior to investment. John's background was originally in business systems design and he holds the BPS Level A and B Certificates in Occupational testing. He has worked worldwide with a wide range of organisations, and has an in depth understanding of challenges facing the regulated and utility sectors.

About Tim James

Tim James is the Managing Director of DNA Global LTD, a specialist coaching and leadership development institution that focuses primarily on "getting fit" in preparation for or as a result of organisational change.

Tim entered the world of consultancy and coaching through his experience of leading and managing teams and projects in a fast moving and pressurised environment. Now, with over 20 years consultancy experience both in the UK and globally, he coaches, consults and advises key players in a wide range of organisations.