Realising Talent Programme

This Realising Talent Programme is based on:

  • Developing talent on the:
    • Inner level: what your talent bank actually is;
    • Outer level: how to channel and deliver this talent bank to maximize your impact and influence in the external environment;
  • Utilisng our The Talent Bank Evidence Procedure to ensure you know when you are executing from your highest talent;
  • Connecting up your talent bank to your values and meaningful ambitions.


The inspiration for this Inner Leadership Programme has been drawn from breakthrough applications of Neuroscience in accelerating human performance reinforced by specific and powerful applications of NLP, Emotional Intelligence and Accelerated Learning. It also builds and moves on from the Inner Leadership modules that are provided by People Centred Learning on High Performance on Demand & High Performance Under Pressure.


Realising Talent Programme Outline

The purpose of this programme is to provide you with a personal and uniquely crafted Talent Tool Box that is designed on two distinct levels, to:-

  1. Increase high performance of your daily working talents immediately and consciously
  2. Develop mastery over your "inner performance states" that drive receptivity and learning


Programme objectives:

There are six specific elements in the Talent Tool Box

  • Personal Analysis of Talent : Specific analysis by your-self and others on the core talent that you possess and rank and score them appropriately;
  • Fine Distinctions: Know exactly how you ‘do’ each specific talent;
  • Increasing self awareness and self observation: Knowing when you are in your talent zone and what might knock you off and how to get back in the zone;
  • Control and Mastery: Developing control over your inner states to bring your brain and body into optimal alpha state functioning;
  • Aspiring to the Power of Choice: Developing the skills of inner agility leading to corporate agility through delivering talented impact;
  • Your Talent Plan of continual learning: Creating your Aspire Development Plan through MEPS – Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spirit Observation & Management:


Mental: Critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making;

Emotional: Mastery of your emotions, and your impact on the emotions of others, including empathy and inspiration;

Physical: Personal energy, health, vitality and physical renewal;

Spirit: Your authenticity, passion, spark, values and personal vision.


“You must create the condition where what you love to do meets your capability and skills; then you make a difference beyond your wildest dreams…”

                                                         Sir Ken Robinson RSA and Ted Lectures