The Organisational Life Cycle Curve

Your business is somewhere on the Curve of the Organisational Life Cycle. Each part of the cycle presents different opportunities and threats, and without exerting deliberate control, your organisation will grow or decline as determined by the Life Cycle Curve.

We specialise in helping you to control the present and future of your organisation by:

  • Assisting young expanding and entrepreneurial companies to sustain and manage the challenge of accelerated growth, working closely with venture capital and equity partners as appropriate
  • Supporting established corporate companies with strategic organisational innovation and renewal, to reinvigorate growth and profit

Is your business growing, stagnating or dying? Pick up the early warning signs now.

Stage Organisational Behaviour—the signs Leadership Requirement
Infant Constant nourishment and care Huge energetic and financial input—the founder/senior manager are the main driver
Go-Go High energy, enjoyable and chaotic
Inadequate planning, prioritising and time management
Move from re-active and tactical to strategic leadership
Develop clear plans, develop structure that encourages delegation
Adolescence Chaos and growth—over profit
Entrepreneurial focus
Sibling rivalry and silo mentality
Controls and delegation—founder/managers step back and develop others or business stalls
Prime Profit and growth
Focus on success and continual improvement
Focus on success
Drive, learn and motivate
Stable Comfortable and respected Danger of complacency
Early bureaucracy Procedures, rules and processes take the high ground – lack of urgency and vision Re-establish Vision & Mission, drive down leadership and accountability, set immediate and long term goals
Aristocracy Focus turns within
status, position and tradition are ritualised
Vigorously review mission/vision and new ventures and goals
Decline Living on past glories Re-structure, consider board room functioning, and new markets

Our approach is informed by the analysis of exactly where your organisation is on the curve. From that perspective we develop a strategy in partnership with you and provide support through Organisational Profiling, Leadership and Management Training and Team Coaching as appropriate to the needs of your organisation.

People Centred Learning

Check out my new article 'mBraining: the science of effective decision-making' that appeared in the 'Inspire Magazine' produced by the Institute of Leadership & Management in the Blog Pages


"Human beings are an organism programmed to achieve."

These are the words of Charles Darwin and a notion we fully support.

You are condemned to freedom, you have a choice whether to accept the challenges to grow and develop or not. Either way it's a choice. We encourange individuals and organisations to challenge the status quo and reach out from the head, heart and guts of human performance and creativity. 

Leadership is the key because real leadership combines compassion for people with productivity and efficency of execution. 

Victor has worked with a variety of organisations in the USA, Europe and Asia advising, training and coaching. In 2013 he became an accreditted coach & trainer in multiple brain intergration. 

It is also a year where PCL extends its reach into individual growth through their Applied  Personal Development programmes also based in London. 



mBraining UK

You have more brains that you think... with!

The cool fact is you have a brain in your head, a brain in your heart, a brain in your gut and they all do different things. When they are aligned and coherent you will be operating at your most powerful. When they are misaligned, decisions & judgement become impaired.

Visit the UK mBraining website to check out what it is all about!  



Professional Certified Training with mBraining

Who this training is for?

  • Professional Coaches of all types
  • Counsellors and  People Helpers
  • Trainers and Educators
  • Leaders, Managers and  Mentors
  • … anyone who  needs to coach others to produce results that can only be achieved when head, heart and gut are aligned!